• Top 10 Benelux IT stories of 2020

    The Benelux region has always punched above its weight in terms of IT, boosted by a tech-savvy and well-educated population.

    The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg have all the ingredients for advanced technology take-up in business and the public sector. They have the academics, the tech suppliers, the wealth and the government will.

    As a result, the take-up of digital services is high and all sectors are kept on their toes by a user base that is highly critical when things go wrong. Like pretty much all other developed regions, as digital transformation increases, things do go wrong, whether it be

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  • Top 10 information management stories of 2020

    The use of data to govern the public sphere and help allay the Covid-19 pandemic were the intertwined information management themes of 2020.

    Popular, too, were articles on how to re-think and build business intelligence capabilities in companies beyond the pandemic.

    And, for light relief, just as pet ownership increased during the pandemic, readers found solace in stories about companion animals and data, and about digital art in the age of Covid.

    The rise and fall of Dominic Cummings was an arc shot through with the dust particles of data. The prime minister’s former chief adviser was well

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