• Qualcomm appoints new CEO

    Expressing confidence that it now has all of the necessary corporate building blocks in place to preside over what its retiring chief executive regards as the single largest opportunity in the company’s history, communications technology processor firm Qualcomm has announced Cristiano Amon as successor to Steve Mollenkopf as CEO.

    The move will be effective from 30 June, after Mollenkopf informed the company’s board of his decision to retire as CEO following 26 years with the company.

    Mollenkopf became CEO in March of 2014, and began his career as an engineer. For nearly three decades, he has helped define and lead

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  • Viasat checks in with Delta to boost in-air connectivity

    The airline industry may be in crisis mode right now, but for airlines such as Delta, offering an enhanced passenger experience is the key to future profitability. The company’s next step in this regard is to introduce Viasat next-generation Ka-band satellite in-flight connectivity (IFC).

    Viasat and Delta’s relationship is designed to lay the groundwork towards a true full, fast and free in-flight internet experience, as well as future enhancements and personalisation on customer seatback screens.

    Delta will upgrade its current IFC system to Viasat’s more advanced Ka-band satellite-powered technology to provide all customers with what are said to be enhanced

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  • Ex-UKFast CEO Lawrence Jones charged with rape, Greater Manchester Police confirms

    Lawrence Jones, former CEO of Manchester-based cloud computing firm UKFast, has been charged with rape and four counts of sexual assault, Greater Manchester Police has confirmed.

    Jones, who founded the cloud hosting and colocation provider with his wife Gail in 1999, is due to appear at Manchester Magistrates’ Court on 26 January 2021 to face the charges.

    The police statement confirmed that the offences are alleged to have taken place in 2010 and 2013, respectively.

    As previously reported by Computer Weekly, Jones was the subject of a report featuring allegations about his sexual misconduct and bullying that appeared in The

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  • AI advancement: Mimicking decision-making

    The idea of a killer robot, capable of making its own, lethal decisions autonomously, is something that defines The Terminator in James Cameron’s 1984 film.

    Luckily for humanity, autonomous killer robots do not exist just yet. In spite of huge advances in technology, truly autonomous robots remain in the domain of science fiction.

    At the end of 2020, the excitement that has driven autonomous vehicle initiatives began to wane. Uber sold its self-driving division at the end of 2020, and while the regulatory framework for autonomous vehicles is far from clear, technology remains a major stumbling block.

    A machine operating

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