• BT offers unlimited data for remote learning

    Aiming to help children who need support in virtual schooling during the UK’s third Covid-19 lockdown, BT has launched the Lockdown Learning Support Scheme.

    In response to the closure of schools and colleges, all major UK broadband companies have removed data caps on their broadband packages and, on 5 January, the government launched its Get Help With Technology programme, which aims to increase data allowances on mobile devices to support disadvantaged children.

    It is designed to expand temporarily allowances for mobile phone users on certain networks, so that children and young people can access remote education if their face-to-face

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  • ‘Litany’ of UK government failures in gigabit broadband roll-out

    In a scathing criticism of the ability of the UK government, the UK’s Public Accounts Committee (PAC) has slammed the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) for a mass of general failures in its plans to roll out gigabit-capable broadband by 2025, further warning of digital inequality compounding the economic inequality “harshly” exposed by Covid-19.

    Just after the Conservatives’ General Election victory in December 2019, the government outlined plans to make good on prime minister Boris Johnson’s pledge to work towards “delivering full-fibre [broadband] to every home in the land” by 2025, and then chancellor Sajid Javid committed

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  • The five tenets of quality ITAM

    I believe the IT asset management (ITAM) and software asset management (SAM) community can be empowered to deliver truly valuable services to organisations around the world by addressing these challenges head on. To that end, I propose a set of five principles, or tenets, which I call #QualityITAM, the industry should pursue.

    1. Value ITAM: I’m a strong believer that above all, any ITAM investment must deliver value. A piece of “soulless” effective licence position (ELP) reporting delivers no value; neither does a piece of generic advice that is not actionable.

    Licensing experts should go beyond delivering just findings and

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  • Biden picks cyber veteran to reinvigorate security response

    National Security Agency (NSA) cyber security director Anne Neuberger has been picked to lead on cyber security for president elect Joe Biden, as the Trump era drew to a violent end on 6 January 2021 when armed, far right terrorists temporarily occupied the US Capitol building in Washington DC, disrupting the confirmation of Biden’s victory and creating an operational security nightmare.

    Neuberger, who has been with the NSA for the past decade, will fill the newly created role of deputy national security advisor for cyber security on Biden’s incoming National Security Council (NSC), according to Politico, which cited sources

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