• Few workers see employers as ready for new normal

    A study from Sony Professional Solutions has revealed that only one in five (20%) workers feel that employers are fully prepared to support the “new normal” of mixed working arrangements post-pandemic.

    Yet even though Covid-19 has changed work in a way no one could have foreseen, with a flexible combination of remote and office-based working, the study reflected concern about the need for employers to plan their future workplace better, with hybrid working set to become standard.

    The survey found that since the first lockdown in March 2020, over half (51%) of office workers felt employers could have done more

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  • CIOs blame siloed IT teams and tools for misalignment

    A recent study has highlighted the extent to which CIOs and IT leaders are struggling to fix business-related IT issues.

    The Vanson Bourne global survey of 700 CIOs, for Dynatrace’s How to transform the way teams work to improve collaboration and drive better business outcomes study, reported that IT leaders have growing concerns about their ability to keep up with digital transformation. 

    According to the survey, CIOs estimate that on average, IT teams spend more than 16% of their time in meetings with the business, to identify the cause and solution to business problems. This equates to $1.7m per year,

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  • Five key benefits of AWS, Azure and Google Cloud file storage

    File-based cloud storage is now a standard offering from Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure. Although the cloud giants’ offerings are most often associated with object storage, all three, along with suppliers such as IBM and NetApp, have developed offerings that allow businesses to use familiar hierarchical file storage in the cloud.

    File-level storage in the cloud is either a native offering built into the hyperscaler’s technology stack, a partnership with a specialist supplier such as Azure NetApp Files, or what analyst IDC describe as “overlay” file services. These use software to present the hyperscaler’s block

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