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Advanced Technology

Advanced Technology in Material Science Will Help Manufacturers to Grow

The Global recession in 2008 caused a pronounced deceleration in the Industrial World. The manufacturers of the advanced Countries started outsourcing their manufacturing activities to Asian Countries for economic reasons. But now the picture has changed, as the labor and other manufacturing costs has escalated in China and other Asian Countries as well. These Companies are now bringing back their manufacturing activities to their own Country. It is certain that the advance technology in material science will help the manufacturers of advanced countries to in-source their activities.

This is possible, as many new advanced materials were in R & D for many years and now available to small and medium scale manufacturers of the advanced countries. Kampanye di media sosial These Items are highly technical in nature and it is very difficult to explain it in simple terms. Anyway, I will try to explain these to readers in an easy way so that they can have an idea of what is coming up in material science in near future.

Let us examine some select advance technology materials which are already in use in manufacturing process. These are:-

1. High temperature Super-conductors – Standard conductors like copper wires are less efficient when used for power transmission compared to Super Conductors. Whereas if Super Conductors are used for electrical transmission lines, they are more energy efficient and carry 100 – 200 times more current than copper. A Japanese Company has developed a Bismuth based Super Conductor which will be able to transmit 200 times more current than copper when cooled with liquid nitrogen. This will result in less wiring requirement for electrical power transmission.

The High temperature Super Conductors can be used in Energy Transmission, Motors for boats, magnetic levitation trains (these trains float over a guide way using the basic principle of magnet replacing the traditional tracks of trains). Medical Equipment such as Magnetic Resonance Imaging Scanners etc.

2. Advanced Stainless Steel and Super Alloys – These alloys can withstand tremendous heat when spinning in turbine engine. These Metals have exceptional strength and hardness, can withstand flexing, anti-corrosive, and have desired magnetic and electrical properties. These can be used in Steam and Gas Turbines as it can withstand temperatures up to 2200 degree Fahrenheit.