• Three cyber criminals arrested in Nigerian BEC investigation

    Nigerian police have arrested three suspects in Lagos believed to be members of a major organised crime group responsible for phishing and malware campaigns, and business email compromise (BEC) scams, following a joint investigation with Interpol and cyber security company Group-IB.

    The gang allegedly developed phishing links, domains and mass mailing campaigns in which they posed as members of various legitimate organisations with lures including purchase orders, product enquiries, and Covid-19 assistance. Their victims were compromised with a wide variety of malware, remote access trojans (Rats) and spyware, among them AgentTesla, Loki, Azorult, Spartan, nanocore and Remcos, which

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  • Microsoft Windows’ future is all about users

    Microsoft’s financials tell an interesting story. While Azure continues to grow, along with its cloud revenues, it’s still, at heart, the Windows and Office company. The product names and the business models may have changed, but those stalwarts are still the foundation of everything from Redmond.

    Office might now be the Microsoft 365 subscription service and Windows, both desktop and server, now a series of bi-annual rolling releases instead of a big bang every three years or so, but they’re still Office and Windows.

    Following on from Microsoft’s 2020 Build, Inspire and Ignite events, it’s worth taking

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  • Amazon Swedish language site will expand reach of local retailers

    Amazon’s Swedish language website has been blighted by translation problems, but what does it mean for businesses that want to use the channel?

    Late last month (28 October), the online retail giant launched its Swedish language store. After some embarrassing translation mistakes were pointed out, sellers have had time to reflect on the ecommerce giant’s entry into Sweden.

    Before the launch, people in Sweden could shop on Amazon via the UK or Germany, but had to pay high delivery charges and there is limited product availability.

    “We are pleased to open the doors for Amazon.se and offer Swedish consumers

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  • Data silos and IT complexity stifle business potential

    The majority of organisations have complex IT environments with countless data silos. The inability to consistently control and access data across various repositories and native data sources leads to persistent business challenges and an erratic view of business potential, a report from 451 Research, part of S&P Global Market Intelligence, has warned.

    The Information-driven compliance and insight report, commissioned by Sinequa, a provider of enterprise search technology, found that one in four organisations have more than 50 distinct data silos. For organisations that identify as being highly data-driven, 451 Research reported that 39% had more than 50 data silos.

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  • Local authorities lagging behind in digitisation of citizen records

    As the UK government moves towards the creation of a national strategy to make better use of data across the public sector, recent research suggests that local authorities are lagging behind in terms of digitisation of citizen information.

    The data was obtained from a freedom of information (FoI) request, issued by to 428 local authorities across the UK, with 263 (more than 60%) of them responding, in July and August 2020. According to the study, 31% of councils are unable to confirm exactly how much of the information they store and manage for local citizens is digitalised.

    Some 40% of

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  • Pioneering companies use AI to drive profit

    The results of this year’s McKinsey global survey, The state of AI in 2020, suggests that organisations are using artificial intelligence (AI) as a tool for generating value.

    This year’s survey found that  a small contingent of respondents coming from a variety of industries attribute 20% or more of their organisations’ earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT) to AI.

    McKinsey reported that these companies plan to invest even more in AI in response to the coronavirus pandemic, which suggests that there will be a wider gap between organisations leading in the deployment of AI and the majority of companies

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