Hacked Finnish therapy business collapses

Vastaamo, the Finland-based private psychotherapy practice that covered up a cyber attack on its patient record system in 2018 and then saw its patients directly extorted by cyber criminals, has collapsed into bankruptcy with its services to be acquired by medical services firm Verve.

The firm came to worldwide attention in the wake of the extortion attack in October 2020, in which cyber criminals threatened to leak personal data unless patients paid a bitcoin ransom of €200.

It subsequently emerged that the business’ former owner, Ville Tapio, who had sold Vastaamo to an investment company in 2019,

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Oracle fleshes out hybrid cloud and edge computing strategy with Roving Edge Infrastructure devices

Oracle is continuing to build out its hybrid cloud strategy, with the introduction of an edge computing-enabling device for enterprises that need to host workloads in remote locations with limited connectivity.

The Oracle Roving Edge Infrastructure devices are ruggedised, on-premise units containing scalable server nodes that provide users with access to the software giant’s core cloud infrastructure services and applications.

“It enables customers to operate cloud applications and workloads in the field, including machine learning inference, real-time data integration and replication, augmented analytics, and query-intensive data warehouses,” said Oracle in a statement.

Each Oracle Roving Edge Infrastructure unit comes equipped

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Deloitte confirms post-April 2021 ban on PSCs

Deloitte has confirmed that its response to the incoming IR35 private sector reforms includes a ban on working with limited companies and personal service companies (PSCs) from April 2021 onwards.

In a statement to Computer Weekly, a Deloitte spokesperson confirmed that the company has introduced a policy that states it will only engage contractors willing to work via employment agencies or umbrella firms from April 2021 onwards, as part of its IR35 compliance strategy.

“Deloitte’s freelancers, independent contractors and consultants bring a huge range of skills to our firm,” said the statement. “This dynamic and flexible talent pool is very

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North-West England ‘perfect’ growth area for tech startups

North-West England is the “perfect breeding ground” for technology startups and scaleups because of its entrepreneurial climate, academic connections and growing investment activity, according to a new report from London Tech Week and the UK Tech Cluster Group.

The North-west UK tech report is part of the 12 Clusters of Tech initiative, which was started by the two industry groups to map the UK’s tech landscape and explore current trends.

It found the north-west region is home to six of the UK’s 14 digital unicorns (startups valued at over $1bn), and benefits substantially from connections to “feeder” universities that provide

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Five key points about unstructured data storage on-prem and cloud

Unstructured data is proliferating massively. It is growing in volume by more than 50{58f6934aaade06707019926440dfa712bbfbfbd04aa941537bc275d79e773259} a year, and according to IDC, it will form 80{58f6934aaade06707019926440dfa712bbfbfbd04aa941537bc275d79e773259} of all data by 2025 and does so already for some organisations.

That means unstructured data is a potential storage headache, but it is also a valuable source of intelligence.

There is another 80{58f6934aaade06707019926440dfa712bbfbfbd04aa941537bc275d79e773259} figure that flies about with regard to unstructured data, which is that four-fifths of all business-relevant information originates in unstructured data, mostly text.

In other words, it is in emails, reports, articles, customer reviews, client notes and other forms of unstructured

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Financial regulatory body bombarded with malicious emails

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) received 238,711 malicious emails during the final three months of 2020, averaging out at about 80,000 email attacks every month, according to figures just disclosed under the Freedom of Information Act (FoIA) and obtained by legal experts at Griffin Law.

The breakdown of emails blocked by the FCA’s systems from October to December 2020 revealed that 99{58f6934aaade06707019926440dfa712bbfbfbd04aa941537bc275d79e773259} could be defined as spam, covering everything from unsolicited marketing and advertising emails, which are irritating but rarely dangerous, through to malicious phishing emails designed to compromise systems, exfiltrate data and compromise victims with malware and ransomware. The

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