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Fine Tune Your Skills in Python

Overview Of Python Training Course

sdfCertification in ‘Python training’ is credibility that shows the holder has mastered his skills in the Python programming language and uses it to develop applications for organisations and get recognised from top-notch companies across the globe. This course is offered by Zeolearn from candidates across nations to fine tune their Python skills and polish their Python basics to the core. The course is a blend of theory and practical classes and helps you easily understand the real world of Python. You are expected to dedicate at least ten hours of your time in assignments, self-study and live classes per week. At the end of the training, the course offers valuable takeaways which include webinars, materials and guidance presentations for your future reference. If you miss any session, you can readily choose an alternate session from the next live batch and not miss any section of the training. You can pick up the class with your tablet or smartphone. The Python training is available on weekdays and weekends. Candidates can register and choose the batch timings as per convenience. A minimum of ten hours is expected on its live class, assignments and self-study. Missed sessions can be compensated in another live batch session. Since Python is widely used in many web developments, pursuing this beginner’s course will help you to familiarise this language effectively.

Course Curriculum

From this Certified Python training, candidates will learn the following.

  • How to use Python to design and create extensive support libraries
  • How to deliver successful Python packages
  • How to unit test Python applications
  • How to explore the integration and text processing capabilities of Python
  • How to use the Python in web technologies, databases and documents.
  • Python variables, keywords, built-in functions, strings, literals, math operators, expressions, string formatting, command line parameters, IDEs
  • Flow control, while loops, if and elif statements, lists, for statements, range functions
  • Indexing, Slicing, Enumerate, Operators, List comprehensions, generator expressions, dictionaries and sets, sequence iterating and Tuples
  • Formal parameters of Functions, Local variables, Global Variables
  • Working with Files, Reading text files, Raw data, Pickle module
  • Errors and exceptions handling
  • Dictionaries and sets, fetching keys and values, deleting elements
  • Using modules, Search path in modules, Package Installation Ways
  • Regular expressions, Pattern matching, Sub-expressions, complex substitutions, RE tips and tricks, RE objects
  • Object-oriented Python Programming, Classes, Initializers, Instance methods, properties, class methods, static methods, private methods, Inheritance, Module Aliases and Regular expressions.

Credits for Gaining Certification

Python training certification issued by the Zeolearn training academy definitely gives a clear understanding to Python programming language in theory classes along with a lot of practise sessions on how to develop and implement Python across all types of database and applications. This certification assures that you are well versed in basic scripts, applications and packages. The Python course will help you gain proficiency in Python language and will act as a strong base to pursue more advanced courses in Python to grow to the next level.