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How Much RAM Should You Choose For Your VPS Server?

VPS is the best web hosting choice as it provides an isolated environment at an affordable price, a perfect combination of shared and dedicated hosting.

Although many people with non-technical backgrounds often need help understanding the reason for such an improved performance, VPS in Singapore comes with a long list of combined hosting features of the two most popular web hosting types.

Therefore, in this article, we shall focus on how much RAM you should choose for a VPS server, as standard RAM may range between 1GB to 128 GB.

So, if you are one of those many people who are searching for domain hosting in Singapore and need help with its hardware configuration, then keep reading.

Define VPS Hosting

VPS Hosting is a combo of a Shared Server and a dedicated server. It’s the best option for those businesses who plan to have more control over the website but do not require a dedicated server to do that.

With VPS, you get the benefit that the website gets hosted within its own space, even though the server is shared with other users.

It also offers customisation along with ample storage space, although its real power can only be judged based on how significant website traffic really is.

It is an excellent option for businesses or people who write blogs and need independent websites but also need help to manage them. As it is a combo of shared and independent hosting, it is comparatively more cost-effective than dedicated hosting.

How does VPS Hosting Work?

A server is like a computer system that lets you store files and data you need for your website.

As and when somebody accesses your webpage, the browser requests your server, and the server communicates the necessary files.

VPS Hosting has a virtual server that acts as a physical server with regard to its functionality and capability. Furthermore, the host adds a virtual coating above the server OS, allowing each user to set its software, which lets them have full control over their division.

It also acts as a secured container with tight resources that need not be shared, including memory, disk space, CPU, etc. It provides root-level access and a reliable server at a low cost.

Role of RAM Play in VPS Hosting

RAM is an integral part of your VPS server as it helps handle your server’s efficiency, i.e., it makes storage for data for quick access.

With high RAM capacity, for instance, a VPS server with 16GB RAM, you can ensure healthy website performance and speed, facilitating multiple task programs and traffic.

Therefore, picking the right RAM for VPS hosting guarantees smooth operation without adding up costs.

Understanding your RAM Requirement

  • Webpage: 2 GB of RAM is acceptable enough for a single website. In the case of multiple websites, prefer a VPS server with 8GB RAM, which ensures scalability and best performance.
  • Ecommerce: If you have fixed traffic, 2GB RAM is enough, but for e-commerce businesses with elevated traffic and transactions, it is most suitable to go for a VPS server with 4GB.
  • Blog: WordPress blogger with limited traffic, 256 MB of RAM shall work, but if you have significant traffic, it is best to go for 2GB RAM, specifically if your website has many shortcodes, plugins and a page builder.
  • Gaming: Favour to start with 4 GB of RAM for comfortable gameplay, but also elevate to 8 GB for improved speed as your gaming community expands.


Therefore, it’s best to get a RAM based on your hosting necessities, as no one size fits all, and picking the right RAM instantly affects server efficiency, and website performance without adding up any unnecessary cost.

So, run through the above points before selecting your VPS hosting service.