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American Silver Dollar Coins: A Guide

Dollars are the currency that is used in America. In circulation is these dollars in the states of America. In dollar terms the economic activities in America are valued. The presence of the exchange rates for the international currencies has made it possible for the use of the dollars in the international market. Among the currencies that have high value the dollar is present and it is known worldwide. The dollar can be in form of notes or coin. The silver dollar coin is usually an equivalent of one dollar.

Making of the silver dollar coins takes place in the American mint. The mint is owned by the American government. Since the American currency is something that is greatly valued, the mint cannot be owned by the private sector. The standard features of the dollars cannot be interfered with due to this. The government owns the dollar mint so that it can be in a position to control the supply of money in the economy.

The silver dollar coin has a wide surface area and it is among the largest coin in the united states. The manufacturing of the dollar coins involves some materials and silver is one of them. The manufacturing of the dollar also involves materials such as gold and base metal. One dollar is the worth of any American coin and the silver dollar coin has a value of one dollar. The dollar is used to value all the activities that take place in the united states. The payment of wages and salaries in the united states is also done in dollars.

The popularity of the silver dollar coins is low hence the people prefer to use note rather than coins. The caring of a lot of coins in order to complete a transaction is what is avoided by people. This happens since the silver dollar value is just one dollar. The carrying of notes is much easier hence, those people who deal with transaction of lump sums tends to use notes. This has led to the American mint to slow down the circulation of the coins. The government has to come up with policies that enhance the circulation of the American silver dollar coins. The general public has to get educated on the importance of these coins. The putting up of economic activities should be in such a way that it encourages the use of the silver coins. At border points and banks where exchange of currencies take place the silver dollar coins have to be used. Popularity of the American silver dollar can be gained by this and the people will appreciate the coins and star using them in their daily operation.

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