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The rise in computer science and similar courses online

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Computer science and similar courses have grown in popularity. This has coincided with the increase of courses that are now online. The increased accessibility could be partly to thank for the rise. However, there are also several other factors to explain this.

The ease of taking a qualification online

The ease of taking a qualification online is likely to be why so many more students are choosing this route. Previously, potential students had to decide between keeping their job and signing up for full-time education, or taking a part-time course over a much longer timeframe. Unless they had enough savings or a full-time earner in the household, this made it impossible for them to pursue further education full-time. Many in uncertain careers couldn’t commit to evening classes in person, as there was the risk of losing their job and having to relocate to find work.

With the increase in online learning, students can now carry on working and studying at a time that suits them. Courses such as the Online Master’s of Computer Science are 100% online. Worcester Polytechnic Institute allows students to choose from one of four specializations and gain a recognized qualification to pursue their chosen career.

A choice of careers available

There are many careers available to those who study computer science courses. These include working as a software engineer, games designer, cyber security analyst, or one of many other careers. It’s easy to see why students choose this subject to gain a qualification in. Today’s job market can be uncertain, depending on the industry you choose to pursue. Computer science is one of the few subjects where the demand for qualified professionals is increasing. More people want certainty in their careers. Technology is constantly changing and improving, and so is the demand for people who can keep up and adapt.

The salaries

Computer science courses have also risen in popularity because they can lead to high-paying careers.

For example, a career as a software engineer has an average salary of around $127,000; the top 20% of game designers earn over $170,000; cyber security analysts can work their way up to senior positions paying up to $400,000 a year.

If you compare this to some other rewarding but low-paid careers, you can see why more people are opting to study computer science rather than courses leading to lower-paid jobs. For example, the average salary for a paramedic is $46,000, and $61,000 for teachers.

Of course, there are always exceptions to these salaries. Some will earn more while others earn less. However, the careers that a computer science qualification can lead to are consistently higher than in other industries. With the increased cost of living, more people are choosing a career that is not only more secure, but is also better paid. They see the cost of education as an investment and want to ensure that this will pay off financially and personally.

A stable career choice

Choosing a Master’s in Computer Science means having more options about the career you pursue. It’s particularly helpful to people currently working in less secure industries for these courses to be available online.

Even if you don’t want to be an applications developer, data analyst, forensic computer analyst, machine learning engineer, or one of the many other professional roles, this qualification gives you choices. You can adapt to one of many roles where computer science is either a requirement or an advantage.

There is the additional bonus of the transferable skills you will gain by studying and working in computer science. Most businesses now have at least some reliance on technology. Many more would have reduced productivity, and be unable to run as efficiently as they do without technology and the people who know how to use it.

The security of being able to find another role easily is an additional reason why people choose this path. In the unlikely event that their role is no longer needed, computer science professionals have the reassurance that their skills are in demand and they can find a new job elsewhere. It also means being able to relocate without the worry of whether there will be a suitable job in their new location, and having the option of starting their own business, using these skills to further its success.

Keeping up with technology

Businesses need to keep up with the constant change in technology. So, as the demand increases for skilled professionals who can help them do this, so do the number of courses such as computer science. This means moving more of these online to allow people who already have a career in a different industry to retrain to meet this demand.

There is more competition now than ever between businesses. This means relying on technology to reduce how much outside help they need and increase productivity. This allows them to set competitive prices. By employing professionals such as analysts, they can understand the best ways to communicate with their target audience and meet their expectations. By studying computer science and keeping up with technology, you improve your chances of securing a stable career for yourself. So, rather than your job being under threat from artificial intelligence and machine learning software, this opens up opportunities for you.

The need to keep up with technology extends to other industries such as real estate, nursing and psychology. For example, nursing now relies on different technology to help treat and diagnose patients, alongside nursing staff. This could be another reason to explain the rise of students signing up for computer science courses. Not everyone will want to work in the roles mentioned previously, such as software engineer. Some people just want to gain knowledge to help them improve the way that they do their jobs or climb the career ladder in the industry they are already working in.

Job security and technological advancements are two main reasons for more people studying computer science. The accessibility of online learning has significantly contributed to this.