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When Custom Fabrication is the Answer

sadProjects that require metal fabrication services are ones that you shouldn’t trust with just any metal shop. You want one that puts as much effort into design and planning as they do the actual fabrication process. It ensures a finished result that exceeds your expectation for quality. Consistency in producing high-quality metal products gives a fabrication service real value.

Creation of Prototypes or One-of-a-Kind Items

You need the assistance and expertise of a fabrication shop with dedicated employees to create the perfect prototype or original item based on your creative imagination. You will make initial sketches that are transformed into real workable design plans.

Replacement Parts are Not Available

Older equipment that suffers parts failure can leave you in the lurch unless you have a parts fabrication specialist that can work with you to create the part from scratch. The part will work as perfect as the original due to the quality design that goes into every fabrication project.

You Need Specific Customized Cutting, Grinding, or Punching Services

Total metal fabrication involves a variety of services like punching, grinding rough or uneven edge. It frees you to concentrate your efforts on possibly marketing your idea, or using it at the very least.

Customized Expert Welding

Items that need repair, or put together through welding, will benefit from expert welders that offer a customized approach. Through a process that leads from project concept to plan, the welding job is completed in a way that gives you the desired result quickly.

Complete Fabrication Services from Design to Finish Coating and Assembly

You have access to fabrication service experts that can handle everything from professional design to providing your preferred finish coat, assembly, packaging, and shipping. It can be for one single item or an entire line of goods for your company.

Plan your next fabrication project through the metal shop Portland Oregon residents are confident offer the most comprehensive, expert services available. You’ll get both improved quality and durability in finished projects.