• Gamgee and QuantWiFi announce managed Wi-Fi strategic partnership

    With the home office now being the typical working environment, and looking likely to be so for the considerable future, network experience has become more crucial than ever.

    Aiming to satisfy the needs of both service providers and users alike, smart home and Wi-Fi management solutions provider Gamgee has entered into a strategic partnership with Wi-Fi monitoring technologies firm QuantWifi.

    The companies believe that by combining their services, they will bring an “unprecedented” value to the world of consumers and broadband operators – a world that relies increasingly on stable Wi-Fi connections and a plethora of smart home devices.


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  • Third of UK internet users report worse service since lockdown

    As the UK entered lockdown on 23 March, one of the biggest fears of firms was that home networks could not cope with the new demands. But even if the worst fears have not been realised, a significant minority of UK internet users believe the quality of their online experiences has diminished since lockdown, according to research from YouGov.

    The survey of 2,301 UK adults on 18 and 19 May found that a third of Brits (35%) believe that, contrary to assurances given by from UK network providers, they are experiencing worse internet performance than they did pre-lockdown, with

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  • Elisa enjoys 5G base station energy, emissions reductions from Nokia liquid cooling

    In what is described as the world’s first deployment of the technology on a commercial basis for a 5G network, and as part of its stated ambition to go carbon neutral by the end of the year, Finnish mobile operator Elisa has made substantial emissions and energy reductions through the use of Nokia’s liquid cooling 5G AirScale base station system.

    Approximately 90% of energy consumed by base stations is converted to waste heat, but with a heat re-use option, waste heat can be converted and repurposed. Liquid cooling permits the removal of air-conditioning and fans, promising further operator savings, potentially

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  • US senator implores UK legislators to ban Huawei from telecoms networks

    In an impassioned address to a House of Lord select committee, US senator Tom Cotton has warned the UK Parliament that the country’s continued usage of Huawei in telecoms networks could not only threaten the UK’s national defence but also potentially damage intelligence relations between the US and UK.

    The usage of Huawei kit in the UK’s networks has been a political hot potato since July 2019 when in its Telecoms supply chain review report, the UK government asked the country’s National Cyber Security Council (NCSC) to consider issuing guidance to UK telecoms operators in relation to companies regarded

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  • Revved-up electric vehicle market to drive associated connected services to 270% growth

    Projections for the growth of electric vehicles have been bullish, and if these projections are realised, there will be an associated boom in connected services, says a study from ABI Research.

    The analyst’s Connected services for electric vehicles report calculates that subscriptions of connected services for consumer and commercial electric vehicles (EVs) – such as charging-station locators, eco-routing and EV telematics – will grow by 270% from 2020 to 2024, reaching seven million subscribers by 2024. This would see the revenue opportunity of connected services for consumer and commercial EVs reach $378m by 2030.

    At the heart of this growth

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  • SmarTone deploys Ericsson Spectrum Sharing to open the gates to 5G-based smart city

    Leading Hong Kong telco SmarTone has officially launched a 5G service, claiming to offer the territory’s widest network coverage to spearhead smart city development.

    With operating subsidiaries in Hong Kong and Macau, SmarTone Telecommunications Holdings provides voice, multimedia and mobile broadband services, as well as fixed fibre broadband services for the consumer and corporate markets. With the roll-out of the 5G service in Hong Kong, SmarTone says it is adopting an integrated approach of combining high-, mid- and low-spectrum bands to build a “robust and industry-leading” 5G network.

    Riding on its existing LTE infrastructure, the network will be progressively deployed

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