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Koodo raises several plan prices by $2/mo

MobileSyrup recently reported on a series of changes Telus made to the plans it offers, including locking its base $85/mo plan to bring-your-own-phone (BYOP) customers and raising or lowering some other prices by about $5/mo. Now Telus’ flanker brand Koodo is getting in on the price change action.

Koodo has increased the cost of several of its plans by $2/mo. Following the end of Koodo’s double data offer earlier this month, the provider briefly offered $60/15GB and $65/20GB plans.

Since then, Koodo has increased the prices of those plans to $62/mo and $67/mo, respectively. iPhone in Canada first spotted the increase, which applies to both Koodo’s BYOP plans and to plans on Koodo’s Tab Fido has also increased its plans to match Koodo, read more here.

As a refresher, the Tab is a system that allows customers to get a phone for a reduced upfront cost and pay off a Tab amount on top of their monthly plan. Koodo offers three Tab tiers: Basic (up to $10/mo for 24 months), Mid (up to $15/mo for 24 months) and Plus (up to $39/mo for 24 months).

Koodo also limits the plans you can get on Tabs to just the $62 and $67 plans, though Tab Basic customers can also get unlimited talk and text — but that just got more expensive too.

Koodo’s plan price increases as of April 12th, 2023.

Alongside those plans, Koodo also increased the cost of its basic unlimited Canada-wide talk and text plan from $33/mo to $35/mo. The plan does not include data, and Koodo charges $13 per 100MB of data used, which works out to about $130 per gigabyte. Koodo seems to be following Bell’s Virgin Plus here – the flanker brand recently increased its unlimited talk and text plan by $1/mo to $34. Rogers’ Fido remains the most expensive, charging $40/mo (up from $38/mo) for unlimited talk and text, though it offers a $5/mo automatic payments discount that brings the cost down to $35 like Koodo.

It’s worth noting that in January 2022, these plans cost $30/mo and in August briefly cost $27/mo as part of a promotion. Customers can get the plans for around $25/mo at some other providers.

While price increases are always frustrating for Canadians, these recent increases are particularly frustrating, coming on the heels of several periods of decent deals. Just last week, Koodo, Fido and Virgin ended double data and $10/mo credit offers that, combined, enabled Canadians to get $55/mo 30GB and $50/mo 20GB plans.

Moreover, back during Black Friday, Canadians could get $45/mo 50GB plans. Suffice it to say, if you can wait to get a new plan or phone, you should. These new, more expensive plans are not worth your money.

Source: Koodo Via: iPhone in Canada