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A Beginners Guide To Storage

In 2018 These Are The Best Cloud Storage Apps For Android.

In this era and century, it has become very difficult for people to live without their smartphones. The reason being that the smartphones are used for almost everything these days hence people have become dependent on them from using them to keep work documents due to ease of reach, to using it to take all your priceless photos and your timeless videos, some also use their smartphones to work such as when handling online jobs. However, with all this important and sentimental data on your phone, it is very scary to lose your phone or should it crash or something like that, you may very easily lose all your data. With only good internet connection as a prerequisite, cloud storage enables you to prepare for such calamities by enabling you to store your data online and you can always access this data whenever you need it and even from a different device if your gets lost or crashes. To find out the different kinds of cloud storage apps available for your android today, you can read more here.

Seamless file sharing through Dropbox is the first app. This enables you to just send the link of the file you want to share with a friend or colleague, instead of having to send the whole folder or instead of using a transfer service. You can also control the security of the file by deciding whether the file, once opened, can be edited, shared, viewed or downloaded.

Easy phone backups through Google drive is another option. It is a very good app for your android as it integrates very easily with it and enables you to back up your phone, especially the photos and videos, to Google.

Mega cloud storage app is the third of these apps. This is a great storage app in that it provides you with 50GB of free storage! Furthermore, it has an app available for your desktop computer, this kind of storage can serve you for a really long time.

Amazon drive is another cloud storage app that is great for your android this year. There are two options for you here; one is the Unlimited photo storage for its prime members and the second is ‘The Drive unlimited’ which is a paid service that offers non-prime members more space of up to 1TB at an affordable annual cost.

Knowledge about the different cloud storage apps available for your android today that will help to solve your storage shortage problems and secure your files from theft and device crashing, is all offered by this site.